Use a private driver

If you need to travel, whether for leisure or business, you rarely have time to look for a longer and longer means of transport… Many people think that buying a personal pilot is only for wealthy people or actors. More informations : . Nevertheless, in a few decades, this type of service has become much more democratic and our private driver services are available to everyone, professionals and individuals, which remains quite intriguing. Simply put, the prices of a private driver are much less exorbitant than you think. On the contrary, as you have seen, thanks to the democratization of personal drivers, it is now possible to provide this type of support at a very low price. reasonable pace, not as expensive as a taxi usually.

Pass the VTC exam

You have just passed your VTC exam or you want to start your training to become a VTC, you probably have questions about choosing your car to start your activity. To start its action, the VTC car is an essential investment. To become a VTC in accordance with the principles of this work, your vehicle must meet certain technical and resting criteria: consume between 4 and 9 seats with the pilot included, have been in service for less than 6 years, be equipped with 4 doors or perhaps be equipped with “luxury” interior fittings. For more informations contact a private driver Monaco. The car will also have to undergo an annual roadworthiness test to check the condition of its bodywork and comfort, and we strongly recommend vehicles with automatic gearboxes for greater relaxation on a daily basis. You can opt for an affordable car like the Peugeot 508,

The qualities of a good private driver

The VTC driver pushes high quality vehicles and his services are provided through advance bookings by individuals or professionals. To succeed in his work, the VTC pilot must therefore be a smiling, friendly, distinguished, discreet individual with an irreproachable demonstration to better satisfy his customers. In addition to high driving skills, the work of a VTC driver requires a basic knowledge of foreign languages and an excellent general understanding, particularly of the areas to be visited, in order to provide passengers with good information. or to stimulate conversation.

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